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February 7, 2015

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There are a number of reasons why family members do not see a dentist on a regular basis. Some of these family members have not been to a dentist in many years, leading to a long list of serious health related issues. While many people without insurance coverage feel they are unable to have regular check-ups because they can not afford to do so, skipping years of treatments could be more costly in the long run. Studies have shown in one year, over four million children were not able to visit a dentist because the parents could not afford it. The lack of regular dental care does have some serious consequences, all of which can be avoided by making that appointment today with your local dentist.

Here are the Top 12 Benefits Of Regular Dental Check-Ups

dentist battle creek mi cost1. Saves You Money in the Long Run

According to the National Dental Association, over four million family members are not receiving adequate oral health care because of persistent barriers in place that limit access to a dentist. These can be living in poor regions where there is a shortage of dentists, families living below the poverty line and without the funding, to retirees unable to secure medicare. Even though lack of funds is a leading cause of neglecting dental care, reaching out to the nearest dentist and working out a payment plan could be worth the effort. Spending a few dollars each month on a repayment plan will ensure the family are not susceptible to the many diseases that are associated with lack of proper dental hygiene.

2. Avoiding Serious Health Risks

One of the biggest benefits of regular dental care is that you can significantly reduce the chance of getting a serious disease. The lack of proper and regular dental care comes with some very serious consequences. In addition to rotting teeth, the patient could be at risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease. These preventable diseases can also result in the patient having to make use of hospital emergency services, a costly alternative to regular dental check-ups. In studies that were conducted by the Oral Cancer Foundation, in the United States every hour someone dies from oral cancer. By visiting the dentist on a regular basis, the symptoms of these diseases can be spotted early enough so the patient has the best chance to fight and beat the disease.

3. Eliminating Gum Disease

Neglecting to visit the dentist on a regular basis is the leading cause behind gum disease. Whatever the reason for not making regularly scheduled visits, brushing and flossing are simply not enough to prevent gum disease. When this infection takes over the bone and gum tissue holding the teeth in place, it will result in the teeth simply falling out. Considered the leading cause of tooth loss in adults according to the American Dental Association, visiting the dentist for regular cleaning will go a long way in reducing the chances of acquiring this disease. When the gum disease is diagnosed early by your dentist, the symptoms can be treated and the conditions can be reversed. If a patient suffering with gum disease does not acquire treatment and allows the condition to worsen, advanced stages of the disease will result. A combination of flossing, brushing twice a day, and regular oral care visits are the keys to the prevention of gum disease. **We could put some pictures here, but honestly – they are not at all appealing to the eye, so we are going to opt out here 🙂 **

4. Maintaining Excellent Physical HealthDentist-Heart

The American Heart Association and the National Dental Association have recently linked gum disease in patients to strokes and heart attacks. One of the benefits of regular dental care is you could actually live a longer and healthier life by eliminating poor dental hygiene and promoting a more healthy way of life. Visiting the dentist twice a year for a cleaning will result in the gums and teeth remaining healthy, reducing the possible risk of severe strokes or heart attack. Waiting until your first stroke to take better care of yourself is a dangerous game to play, a heart attack can happen to a person at any age and at any time. Reduce the chances of being the next victim by improving your oral care.

5. Keeping All Your Original Teeth

One of the ultimate results of gum disease is loss of your teeth. Once you teeth begin to fall out, you have the option of living that way or having implants placed in the spots where the original tooth once was. This is a very costly procedure, not to mention time consuming. This can all be avoided with a semi-annual visit to the dentist for a check-up and cleaning. Having your original teeth in your mouth means that you have better chewing function, resulting in a healthier you. When you have fake teeth installed that hurt every time you chew, you eat less of the foods your body needs, and continue this downward spiral towards poor overall health. Flossing, brushing, and oral care cleanings on a regular basis are less painful and costly in the long run.

6. Spotting Problems Early

While there are many different benefits of regular dental care, one that will have the biggest impact is the early detection of potential dental problems. Just like in any industry, being able to identify a problem early means less work, less money, and less pain. This is the case when it comes to regular dental check-ups. By visiting the dentist at least twice a year, the hygienist and dentist can identify many of the early signs of trouble with your gums and teeth. They are able to easily detect broken fillings, cavities, the early stages of gum disease, and chipped teeth, often at the point where they are easily treated. When many of these problems are left undetected for significant periods of time, gum surgery, tooth removal, and root canal could be the only available options at that point. These are extremely costly options if they become the last resort.

7. Making Use of Your Dental Plan

If you already have dental insurance but you are not making use of the plan, you are missing a chance to benefit both financially and physically. Patients with coverage but who have a fear of the dentist are not taking advantage of all the benefits these plans offer. The majority of these plans allow for check-ups and cleaning twice a year, as well as covering the majority of dental procedures that are needed to proper proper oral hygiene. These procedures are quite costly without insurance, not to mention the eventual cost to your health if you continue to avoid having regular visits to the dentist. The huge savings today on all your dental bills is a fraction of the money you could be saving if you had to pay for medical procedures to treat diseases associated with poor dental hygiene.

8. Improving Your Smile

Nice Battle Creek TeethBeing able to smile more often can have a huge positive benefit to your overall health. During the course of just six months, your teeth are under constant attack from coffee, tea, and tobacco. Those stains become more difficult to remove the longer in between your regular dental visits you go. The dental hygienist in your dentist office can easily remove any stains that are a result of smoking, drinking coffees and teas, and well as foods that discolor the surface of the teeth. The dental hygienist will not only remove the stains, they will then polish the teeth to a bright white shine. That new smile will help put you in a better position at that job interview, your next date, or greeting customers at your business.

9. Eliminating Bad Breath

Usually you are the last person to find out that you have bad breath. No one wants to start up that difficult conversation with you, and it could all have been avoiding by simply scheduling regular check-ups with your dentist. Studies conducted by the American Dental Association show that 85% of the people who suffer from halitosis, bad breath, have some degree of dental problem as the leading cause. The dental hygienist at your local dentist office is the key to helping eliminate your bad breath through a systematic and detailed cleaning of the teeth and below the gum line. In order to promote proper oral hygiene, seeing the dentist at least twice a year can eliminate the bad breath, reducing your embarrassment of having to cover your mouth each time you talk closely with people.

10. Increasing Your Self-Esteem

Of all the benefits of regular dental care, improving your confidence and self-esteem is one of the most rewarding. Meeting new people whether in a business or social setting is all about first impressions. When you are trying to connect with a member of the opposite sex, many time they make subconscious decisions before they really have a chance to get to know you. If your teeth are broken, missing, or discolored, the other person quickly makes assumptions about your hygiene and the right person could literally slip right though your fingers. The same can be said about business contacts. When meeting with a new client or business associate for the first time, they will be more willing to focus on your accomplishments rather than your oral hygiene when your teeth are sparkling clean and white. That added self confidence that comes with a bright white smile could be the deciding factor in your getting a new job, promotion, or the dream date you have been wanting.

11. Setting the Right Example

Your children pick up and learn many of the things that they will carry throughout their lives from the parents. If the parents are not having regularly scheduled cleanings, the children will place less importance on that as they grow up. If the parents are letting years go by without check-ups because of a laundry list of excuses, the children will develop the same traits as they get older, placing little if any importance on having proper oral hygiene. The benefits of regular dental care are far reaching than just having a cleaner set of teeth today, you set a cause in motion that will allow your children and their children to pay close attention to their oral health, and to continue to make scheduled visits regardless the circumstances. When there is importance placed on this subject in the home, the children will easily pick-up on that and stay health conscious the rest of their lives.

12. Eliminate Stress from Your Life

For whatever reasons you continue to avoid seeing the dentist, you simply add more stress to your life each day. Every time you see a commercial for toothpaste, each time you see a show where the stars have bright white teeth, or when you see advertisements for dentists, your get that pit in your stomach because you know this is the year you have to do the right thing. Each day you stress builds on top of the next because at one point you think too much time has passed and you are now too embarrassed to make the appointment. The benefits of regular dental care not only will help with your oral health, it will have a positive effect on your mental health as well. That added stress is only making things worse for you, and by eliminating it, you can focus on living a more healthy and long life.

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