Main Causes of Canker Sores

February 26, 2015

Main Causes of Canker SoresCanker Sores Battle Creek, MI

Canker sores are very small and shallow ulcers that erupt in the mouth and usually make talking and eating troublesome. They appear as round white spots with red borders. The sores can either be simple or complex. Unlike complex sores that are rare, simple canker sores last for a week and can appear up to five times in one year. They are, however, more common in kids than in adults. The cause of canker sores is uncertain, but researchers consider that several factors contribute to the condition. Here are the five top causes of the condition.

Stress and injury

Any injury or stress on the tissues of the mouth can lead to canker sores. Since they are tiny sores, they can result from any form of hard brushing or eating that can bruise or inflame tissues in the mouth. People also suffer from the sores due to dental structures such as braces. Using oral products that are harsh can damage the outer layer of the mouth and lead to the sores. Similarly, poor oral hygiene and poorly fitted dentures can lead to injury and stress of mouth tissues which eventually causes canker sores.

Vitamin Deficiency

Various problems of the skin, as well as, outermost layers of areas such as in the mouth are caused by vitamin deficiencies. For canker cakes, vitamin B-12 can trigger the condition. Kids need a lot of vitamins because they are continuously growing and their bodies are demanding for more vitamins. Remember, if not compromised to take fruits and vegetables, children choose to dwell much on sugary things such as cakes. Too avert the vitamin B-12 deficiency, applying vitamin capsules on areas with sores or taking vitamin B-12 capsules can provide recovery.

A Poor Body Immune System

People with poor immune systems are more to the sores than those with stable immune systems. Although there is no specific correlation of sores with the immune system, a poor body immune system is known to be a cause of several body conditions. Furthermore, there is evidence that other diseases and gastrointestinal problems can cause canker sores.

Nutritional Deficiency

Several studies on canker sores have revealed that canker sores can be triggered by a deficiency in zinc, iron, and folic acids among other nutrients and minerals. Lack of calcium in the body can also cause the sores or worsen the situation. To curb nutritional deficiency, health eating is the only solution.

Some Vegetables and Fruits

It is ironic that some fruits and vegetables are healthy, but can lead to detrimental body conditions such as canker sores. Most citrus fruits are acidic and can trigger or worsen the sores. Although fruits such as pineapples, lemons and oranges cannot cause the sores, they can trigger their emergence when there is stress on the inside surfaces of the mouth. When one has the sores, it is advisable to keep off fruits such as tomatoes, figs, apples, and strawberries to avoid accelerating the condition.

Apart from the above five mentioned causes, other factors that can lead to the sores are such as emotional stress, hormonal shifts during menstruation, allergic response to bacteria in the mouth, and sensitivity to certain foods.