Signs of Oral Cancer

February 18, 2015

Top  7 Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the growth of abnormal cells on different parts of the mouth. It is commonly referred to as mouth cancer. Due to different factors such as the lifestyle of an individual, one can easily develop oral cancer. The cancer can start from one cell but it gradually Oral Cancer at the Dentistmultiplies until in develops tumors which will affect the adjacent cells and organs in the mouth. Common lifestyles that can lead to oral cancer include smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco and other cases such as papillomavirus. Leukoplakia and erythroplakia can also lead to oral cancer. In case you develop, leukplakia and erythroplakia, then you should consult your dentist so that he will diagnose any cases of oral cancer and offer you early treatment. Remember waiting till it is too late the cancer may become hard to treat. Here are signs that you should watch out because they can indicate oral cancer:

1. Leukoplakia
Leukoplakia is manifested by development of white patches on your mouth. In case you see white patches developing on your mouth, then you should see your dentists for more diagnoses. The patches can develop on your tongue, under the tongue or along the throat. Gums can also be affected by the patches.

2. Erythroplakia
You may develop red patches in your mouth. You may just notice them developing but you cannot figure out the cause. It can be a sign of oral cancer. The best thing for you to do under such a case is to visit your dentist who will advise you accordingly.

3. A lump on the lip
You can develop a lump on the mouth, throat or tongue. The lump may have been initiated due to cancerous cells that may have developed on your mouth. In order to prevent cases where the lump will develop and go out of control, you should see a dentist who will offer you necessary medication.

4. Unusual swelling and numbness on the mouth
Development of cancer on your mouth can lead to abnormal swelling. You can check the situation through diagnosis by the dentist. It can happen that you are okay today, but the following day you discover the numbness and swelling. You should check out because it can be a case of mouth cancer.

5. Pain when chewing
You can start feeling pain when swallowing or chewing food. In case you notice such a sudden change, then you should check out because it can be a possible case of oral cancer. Sometimes you may feel like something is stuck on the throat. This can be caused due to development of lumps associated with cancer on the throat.

6. Unusual bleeding from the mouth
Sometimes you can start experiencing unusual bleeding and numbness on your mouth. This can be a possible case of cancer hence you should consult your dentist immediately. Other signs that you can experience include weight loss and change in your voice. The change in voice is caused by the growth of cancerous cells on your mouth hence affecting your speech.

7. Loss of dentures
Sometimes due to development of oral cancer you may start losing dentures or the dentures start feeling uncomfortable.


If you think that you have any of these signs, and are living in the Battle Creek, MI area, contact your family dentist as soon as possible as these are serious conditions and should not be dealt with lightly.