Traditional Tooth bush VS Electric Tooth Brush

February 20, 2015

Classic VS. Electric Toothbrush Throw-Down

Toothbrushes in general have come a long way given rapid advanceselectric vs manual toothbrush in science and technology, and these often overlooked and common hygienic tool have been overhauled and given a major upgrade with the advent of electric toothbrushes. Consumers now have two choices among many others- choose the old traditional and reliable toothbrush, or opt in to the new generation of electric toothbrushes? What are the major differences between these two types, and are the benefits in using each? A side by side comparison is made, and a list of Pros and Cons for each type given to decide which is the better one:

Traditional Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush

A manual toothbrush allows thorough cleaning of teeth with the application of proper brushing techniques. It would only take 2 minutes to do so. You can choose from a myriad of toothbrush styles, heads, bristles, and various colors. Soft bristles are ideal for sensitive gums and a smaller head for a smaller mouth. Children’s toothbrushes come in different attractive designs. It is inexpensive and conveniently does not require batteries which makes it perfect as a travel companion. However, it can require more work and effort because you must be able to get to those hard to reach places. You would also have to manually time yourself to meet the requirements of a good brushing session.

An electric toothbrush provides convenience and ease of use. It is powerful and designed perfectly for your mouth and teeth. All that you would have to do is place it at a 45 degree angle and let it do its job. Significantly less work is required of you than using a manual toothbrush, no need for great brushing techniques. It has been reported in studies that an electric toothbrush does a better job of thoroughly cleaning your mouth, as well as removing plaque and gingivitis. It has also been proven at some point to help fight gum diseases. It’s a lot of fun to use especially with kids, they would get excited to brush their teeth rather than whine and procrastinate. It tickles them a bit so they enjoy ding it. It’s also the easy way out in the task of brushing teeth. It also has timers and indicators to instill good brushing habits in kids. This built in timer works as well for adults because it stops the brush once your two minutes are up so you don’t need to manually think of the time spent for your brushing session. Given all these desirable uses and benefits of an electric toothbrush, it also has some disadvantages. You will need to charge your electric toothbrush or replace its batteries, so it would be a good idea to have some ready in case it runs out. It also costs substantially more than a manual toothbrush. It can be bulky to bring along when you travel since you would have to bring the charger as well or pack some extra batteries. Careful handling must be observed because dropping it will most likely result to a broken or faulty electric toothbrush.

Battle creek dentistry Uncle SamGiven the list of beneficial Pros and the potential Cons of Traditional Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush, an informed decision can be gleaned and wisely made. In choosing what type of toothbrush is best for you, don’t forget that overall dental hygiene is the most important aspect of brushing. What good is the toothbrush if it is not being used regularly? Any dentist that you see will tell you to brush at least twice each day. Remember as well the importance of replacing your old toothbrush after around three months time. A good brushing habit, usually after each meal, additional flossing, gargling with mouthwash are the best practices that you should continue on doing to ensure that your teeth are happy and well. A great set of teeth can potentially improve your overall image and well-being. It potentially gives you more success when dealing with people, so keep on brushing!